Mjölnir Time Capsule


This hammer was built for a viking themed party where we also put down a time capsule, to be dug up in 30 years.

Also made for the occasion were some bearded axes, a shield, and a sculpted hammer.

The center was hammer beaten to a dome shape using the hammer below.

The bearded axes were plasma cut then welded to some pipe with very large fillets, ground, blued, and sharpened.

Drawn up in CAD, the individual parts for Mjölnir were plasma cut from 4mm steel plate, then welded along the edges. CNC plasma is almost like cheating it makes things so easy…

The biggest part of this job was cleaning it all up, flap wheel on the grinder, then sanding discs took care of it though. A brushed finish was applied with a scotchbrite style wheel on a power buffer, then on to heat treatment…

Standard bluing technique, add a smidge of corrosion resistance, while making it a pretty blue color.

The handle was welded to the ‘cover’ plate, which is bolted to the bottom of the hammer’s head. Final weight is around 12kg, size is 200x200x400mm. The symbols on the side were bolted on, creating a nice contrast to the blued parts.