E36 Gearbox Table

Last summer I changed the transmission in my E36 328 BMW, the auto box had a jerky shift, and I prefer manual anyway. When it was out, naturally I had to take it apart, and found it way too cool to simply send to the scrapper.

After some tinkering I stretched out a few parts, cut up some other, so it offered better visibility into the internals, but the gears were still enmeshed and clutch packs still able to function (with a much reduced activation pressure). Also labelled the clutches and fluid routing to them, this thing is very mechanically complex and just some beautiful engineering.

This thing has to function in some form,so it can be best appreciated. Obviously this means oil, and this means leaks. A fishtank style coffee table makes perfect sense to house it, displaying the gearbox, while keeping in the oil!

Tripped over the other half of the toqure converter, made a thing by welding bits together, not sure what it is, it spins though.

More to come in future…