G2 - Hardware/Libray Support

Hardware/Library Support

Status listing for bridge-libs; the bridging libraries used to translate the function calls from the G2's generated code, to function calls compatible with the library used for each screen controller chip

Bridging Library Name Controller Chip Library Dependencies Library Changes Required Resolutions Supported Touch Interrupts Software Font Support
G2bAdaFruitRA8875 RA8875 Adafruit_RA8875-master
No RA8875_480x272
Software and
G2BsumotoyRA8875 RA8875 RA8875-0.70 by sumotoy Yes (see header file) RA8875_480x272
Hardware** Yes a few supplied,
and documentation to
generate your own
coming soon SSD1963
coming soon ILI9341
coming soon ILI9488

Current Testing State for the bridge-libs and compatible screens

Bridging Library Name Testing Status
G2bAdaFruitRA8875 9in 800x480 ER-TFTM090-2 to Due, with reset pin connected
5in 800x480 ER-TFTM050-3 to Due
G2BsumotoyRA8875 9in 800x480 ER-TFTM090-2 to Due, adafruit initialisation to allow software polling interrupts**

*Software interupts are polling based with the displayscan function, hardware interrupts can be added by monitoring the int pin and calling display scan to process them

**Polled software only interrupts as for adafruit stop functioning after power reset, workaround possible by initialising with the adafruit screen object then using sumotoy libraries thereafter

Feature Listing and Changelog

V 0.3.0

First documented release

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